The Cartoon Art Museum

San Francisco

A few shots from Thursday night’s Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Celebration exhibit closing event, with Mario Hernandez, who told great stories about the award-winning comic’s origin. Here’s a few of the choice tidbits he shared:

  • The very first printings of Love and Rockets #1 include several mistakes and missing pages (collectors be on the lookout!)
  • Reading underground comics and then driving can be dangerous (extreme laughter can cause blackouts!)
  • The Southern California city of Oxnard was apparently one of the last bastions of the punk music scene in the U.S.
  • The title “Love and Rockets” was chosen by the brothers from among several alternates, including “Blue Food.” When asked what the name means, they tend to say it’s “the softer side of sex and violence.”
  • The band Love and Rockets is no relation to the comic (and no, the Bros. don’t get any money from the name’s use, even though the comic came first).

Love and Rockets 30th Anniversary Celebration is still on display at the Cartoon Art Museum through Sunday, March 10, so see it while you can!

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    I got to meet Mario at Comic Con and he is super fun. All the bros are cool, though!
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    reasons to live in the bay…
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